Klimkin: each fellow must know the state language

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Ukraine does not intend to close schools and fire teachers – said the Minister of foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin during a press conference with Hungarian counterpart Peter Siarto.

“I met with péter Szijjártó Frank conversation based on arguments, not pronouncements on the basis of facts, not mythology,” said Klimkin on the results of bilateral meetings in Budapest.

“The education act is not directed against minorities. Every countryman has, in addition to a mother, to learn the state language”, – he added.

The Minister also noted that in order to “further remove the concern of the Hungarian colleagues we passed the law for expertise to the Venice Commission.”

On Thursday, the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe adopted a resolution about “obstacles to teaching in the native language of national minorities”, which, according to the authors, creates a new Ukrainian law on education. Ukraine demands from neighbors mirror the standards of learning for Ukrainian minorities.

Hungary, Romania, Moldova and some other countries have criticized Kyiv for the article in the new education law, according to which by 2020, as a period of transition, pupils of schools of national minorities to study in their native language, but in parallel will learn the state language Ukrainian.

2020 – on the contrary, the training will take place only in Ukrainian, and the language of national minorities will become a separate discipline.

Kiev insists that the repeal amendment will not, but submitted the law for consideration to the Venice Commission.

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