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president-honneur-kiviv-jimmy-doucetAn international rallying improvisational theater prepares to Alma. Organized by IQ L’Atelier and IkRea collective Kiviv be held from June 8 to 11 in downtown Almatois.

This theatrical creation event and humor will showcase the talents of Belgian and Quebec artists.

Each day, two-hour show with original concepts will improvisers Chameleon Theatre IkRea Belgium and in most preposterous situations as each other.

“We are far from improvisation match as the LNI. It makes the concept of improvisation. There are no public vote, there is no referee. these paradigms is removed to add others. We can go further too, with improvisations 20 minutes for example. Giving time to build our characters, a psychology “describes Cedrick Provencher, a member of the collective IkRea.

It was this young organization that initiated the idea after visiting Belgium to the World Mini improv Mons.

“It has been so well received there. And people were very open to come to our region, so we invited them. But returning to Quebec, it was questioned again on the creation of such an event. Because we know, this is hard work, even for the smallest of events. Finally it was launched. We already do shows in Alma during the year and we still have many people in our parties. We think the public is going to appreciate, “believes Dereck Provencher.

Kiviv be held in the premises of IQ L’Atelier on St-Joseph Street. The author Jimmy Doucet has also agreed to act as honorary chairman of the event. Do Kiviv remain in Jeannois landscape? “Hard to say. We prefer to speak of a rally rather than a festival, because it is not recurring. But it could be that the event repeats, “Mr. Provencher drops.

The four days will be picked up by TVCogeco Kiviv Alma for a planned release in autumn 2016.

People can purchase tickets online by visiting the Facebook pages of IkRea or Kiviv – International Rally of improvisational theater or by calling 418 668-2121.

Funds raised by the festival will finance the Multi-Arts Camp IQ L’Atelier and future collective projects IkRea

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