Kiva is an important member of the team Rabinowitz, helping to knit the country – expert

Кива – важный член команды Рабиновича, помогающий сшивать страну, – эксперт

The head of the Socialist party of Ukraine Ilya Kiva is an important member of the team of the people’s Deputy and head of the “Opposition platform For life” Vadim Rabinovich, as it helps to sew. So the political expert Vladimir Katsman, the TV channel “112 Ukraine”, commented on joining Ilya Kiva to the party “Oppositional platform For life”.

“And that surprises you? I am not surprised. I see Kiva in a very long time, I can say, friends, are watching the growth of this policy. You know, there was a clever politician Churchill, he said that only fools do not change their political views,” said Katzman.

According to him, Ilya Kiva, an experienced military man, who represents the unions of the police.

“Ilya Kiva was the front passed, so to speak, tests of the national police, he, in my opinion, still represents police unions. He is a man of power unit, people of certain views, people from Central Ukraine, Poltava region, i.e. it represents different points of view, which is in Poltava. Why not? Why is this man not able to connect to peace?” – added politekspert.

He also noted that Kiva was transformed into the opposition, which criticized the government of the 5th President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

“His rhetoric, his speeches, from what I see on television and hear from him, it is quite common, he says that you need to sew, it just fit in the context of the Congress of the party “Opposition platform For life”. It just needs to representatives of different camps, different points of view agreed that the world economy, the fight against corruption, the fight against these tariffs – the most important thing. In addition, look at Kiva was the way very difficult, it transformed into such opposition is certain he was in opposition, by the way, before this current President Poroshenko, he sharply criticized him, not all of the opposition he was criticized,” summed up Volodymyr Katsman.

We will remind, yesterday was the nationwide unification Congress “of the Opposition platform For life”. The participants expressed support for the important ideological points that the party goes on early parliamentary elections and who will defend BP. In addition, Congress approved the party list, which “the Opposition platform For life” will go to extraordinary elections to the Parliament.