Kirkorov has become a laughing stock on stage: “forgotten,” the shame was on the video

Киркоров стал посмешищем на сцене: «все забыл», позор попал на видео

Funny embarrassing happened on stage with the singer Philip Kirkorov

Russian singer tried to get out, but was, in the end, embarrassed by the public

The singer Philip Kirkorov was in an awkward situation while receiving the prestigious award from the magazine GO. The artist won the award “Eternal value.” The organizers called him onto the stage of the Moscow state Conservatory named after Tchaikovsky and there Kirkorov “villages in the galosh”.

Киркоров стал посмешищем на сцене: «все забыл», позор попал на видео

On stage, the singer had to say a few words, but he suddenly forgot everything. Namely, how is the ceremony at which he is currently.

At first he tried to “swing” the audience, and soon asked a question in the audience listened to the resounding laughter: “what ceremony?”. Philip at first a little embarrassed, and Pat began to laugh with the audience.

By the way, live with the shame star was posted on the page in social network Instagram fan artist Sofia Semenova. “Philip’s Philip”, she commented the embarrassment of their idol.

As we wrote earlier, Philip smashed the organizers of “New wave”. From the stage the performer cursed the organizers of the song contest in Sochi. Celebrity words can not choose, I slipped and strong obscene, the singer ran around the stage and gave “instructions”.

During a rehearsal for their performances at the festival “New wave — 2019” in Sochi Kirkorov insulted assistants and show organizers. He argued that while he does not rehearse the hour with the cameras, shows will not start.

Киркоров стал посмешищем на сцене: «все забыл», позор попал на видео

Recall also the “New Wave” moved from Jurmala in the Russian city of Sochi. At the opening of the festival wore Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda and Taisiya Povaliy.

Also in Sochi acted scandalously known Ukrainian artist, know that in addition to Loboda and for them, the competition is Sofia Rotaru and the Duo from Ukraine “Anna Maria”.

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Svetlana Loboda to shock the audience – was wearing an erotic costume. In a transparent bodysuit with extreme neckline and sleeves flounced were visible almost all the anatomical features of the troublemakers.

In addition Loboda at the festival seemed to Taisiya Povaliy, which presented a new song “I’m yours.” During the performance, visibly aged them the stage was decorated with a virtual “cupids”, who flew around the stage. The artist herself was in a long dress with an impressive cleavage.

Recall that Ani Lorak has changed beyond recognition after the divorce

Politeka also wrote that a friend Kirkorov long concealed an illegitimate son

As Politeka wrote that lolita was submitted to the court.