Kim Kardashian unveils himself in a very transparent set

Kim Kardashian returns to Kim Kardashian. The American star has appeared in the streets of Calabasas in a very sexy outfit … leaving little room for imagination.
She can work her complexion and maintain her tan, Kim Kardashian only swear by nude. It will also release a makeup palette in collaboration with her sister Kylie Jenner – advertising they have made is also troubling . A passion she now puts to the service of her style: she opted for this very sober coloring for her last outing in Calabasas, California. His outfit, on the other hand, was worthy of his best years.
A true street model for Kanye West and her Yeezy brand, Kim wore a beige bra from her latest collection. A garment that, you suspect, is worn without a bra AND reveals a bit of your anatomy. This is what one discovers in any case on Kim Kardashian who shows his chest. She wears a beige legging, which really serves as a second skin, since you can see her navel under her pants. Added to this are her pair of Yeezy fetish boots, also beige, as well as a long necklace from the future jewelry line of Kanye West, to be launched in collaboration with Jacob The Jeweler.
If she had first thought of wearing a coat, she quickly got rid of it for two reasons. The first is that the temperatures in Calabasas, California, are such that they make useless jacket wear and the second is that Kim is too proud of his new body. On Tuesday, she was pleased to have lost 3 pounds thanks to the flu, a regime that she had described as a miracle (sic). It was worth the effort to show everything.
Since its Parisian aggression occurred last October, Kim Kardashian has much limited his public appearances. For a few weeks now, she has taken up her life again. Last February, during the fashion week, she had already appeared in total monochrome look, Bordeaux this time, and had already unveiled her chest . We do not totally recover.

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