Killer karaoke has confessed in a terrible crime: video not for the faint of heart

Убийца в караоке признался в страшном преступлении: видео не для слабонервных

The sudden recognition in an unexpected place made 27-year-old boy

He went to one of the pubs and they decided to sing about killing a man, after which he was arrested by the police.

American Robert Kam in one of the bars of Los Angeles decided to sing on stage during the performances of the rappers. In the song he performed was about the recognition of the murder of the girl, writes the Sun.

Убийца в караоке признался в страшном преступлении: видео не для слабонервных

The text the audience was stunned, but anybody even in a head could not come that Kama was singing about the real murder of his girlfriend, which he did the day before.

The speech was filmed by one of visitors of a 64-year-old Michael Moore. The next day on the news he heard about what had gone lover Kama 31-year-old Amanda Custer, then immediately took the video to the police.

Police grabbed the version of the murder of a woman a Shaman and even found witnesses who claimed to have seen “singer” shoved her in the trunk of the car. No further details law enforcement authorities do not disclose.

As previously reported, police found an eerie discovery of six dead bodies. it is Reported that all the victims are members of the same family.

In the capital of Croatia there was a terrible mass murder. The incident happened on the evening of 1 August. According to local media, which quoted the police, the man dealt with the family members of his ex-wife, not sparing even children, and fled the scene.

Убийца в караоке признался в страшном преступлении: видео не для слабонервных

“Police reported local residents who heard the shots. The bodies of six people were discovered on the spot”, — stated in the message of militiamen.

In Zagreb, a man killed his ex-wife, her civil husband and four children, using terrible violence to the gun. The attack managed to survive only one child who is admitted to the hospital.

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After the incident the local security forces launched a massive search operation to search for a man suspected of involvement in the crime.

Previously, we wrote about the fact that a woman with a baby tried to kill a passerby. A woman in Cherkasy attacked with a knife.

“The evening of 29 July a patrol arrived at the next challenge in the city of Cherkassy. At the scene police found a bloody 30-year-old woman with a stab wound in the back”, – said the press service of the local police patrol.

Убийца в караоке признался в страшном преступлении: видео не для слабонервных

Between two women there was a verbal altercation, during which one stabbed the other.” It is also reported that during the attack the attacker was at the hands of a novice. Circumstances of incident are investigated. The woman was attacked, hospitalized.

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