Kiev is losing millions because of violations officials: disclosed unprecedented amount

Киев теряет миллионы из-за нарушений чиновников: раскрыты небывалые суммы

In the first half of 2019, the auditors of the Metropolitan municipality checked out how to dispose of funds of Kyiv residents (budget money) for only 15 structures of KCSA, WGA and utility companies. Summary of financial irregularities amounting to 980,2 million and the loss to the budget amounted to 106.4 million. In comparison with the past year, the situation is clearly deteriorating.

The growing amounts of financial violations KиевVласть reports, citing data from the report of the Department of internal financial control and audit of Kyiv city state administration on the performance of municipal auditors for the I-th half of 2019.

Note, in the extraordinary session of the Commission of the Council on budget and socio-economic development 3 September 2019 this report with the submission of the head of the Commission, the head of the faction “Solidarity” Andrei Strunnikova was “for show” is taken note of without any discussion.

And discuss, it seems, was that. Director of audit Department of the state administration Oksana Celtic informed the Board about the end of the I half of 2019, 15 audits (12 scheduled and 3 unscheduled inspections of the work of the municipal enterprise (KP) and other structures of the KCSA and district administration). As a result of these audits, auditors KCSA revealed financial violations for total amount of 980,2 million.

According to the Appendix to the report on such a “weighty” result more than the others did next “bucatareasa” structure:

  • KP “Pleso” – financial violations in the amount of 578 million 302,27 thousand UAH;
  • The Department of information and communication technologies KSCA – financial violations in the amount of 353 million 374,67 thousand UAH;
  • KO “Kievzelenstroy” – financial violations for the sum of 17 million 211,3 thousand UAH;
  • KP”Kiev development center the urban environment” – financial violations for the sum of 15 million 793,8 thousand UAH;
  • The Department of tourism and promotion of the KSCA financial violations in the amount of 6 million 743,1 thousand UAH;
  • Spacecraft “kievavtodor” financial violations for the sum of 6 million 663,8 thousand.

The final loss to the city Treasury, according to estimates Koltick, amounted to 106.4 million.

The amount of eliminated violations in the conduct of audits – 19 million UAH (including the I-th half of 2019 – 16.6 million hryvnias for the previous periods of 2.4 million hryvnia). “Of them recovered and resumed spending of financial and material resources of 17.3 million UAH”, – reported in the report.

According to the estimates of auditors of the KSCA, “for the first half of 2019, the total financial impact from consideration of the recommendations of the Department of (savings and vozvrashenie communal resources) is 112.6 million hryvnia, and economic benefits (future benefits from consideration of the recommendations and elimination of violations that have not resulted in losses) 5.2 million hryvnia.”

In particular, checking tender documentation for the planning phase of procurement for a total amount of 3 billion 669,9 million, auditors KCSA has provided comments and prevent risks of loss 526,2 million. Also installed oversize the expected procurement cost in the amount of 6.6 million they managed to remove such overstatement in the amount of 4,6 million UAH. Another 30 million hryvnia, according to the report, the auction was cancelled.

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The report also reported that KP “Expertise” checked out estimates of work total cost 288,2 million and prevented an overestimation of the value of work estimates for $ 8.7 million. And checking acts performed work the total cost of 136.3 million hryvnia, the KP identified and prevented the overestimation of the value of construction works in the amount of 10.9 million hryvnia. Checking the estimated cost of engineering networks during their transmission in municipal property, “KievExpoPlaza” prevented losses amounting to 64.6 million.

Accountable for financial irregularities in the reporting period, according to Celtic, were involved 7 officers (3 people were dismissed from their positions in the two structures was a change in leadership, 1 person has been reprimanded, and 1 person was deprived of bonuses and allowances).

It is also noted that for the I half-year of 2019, the auditors of the Metropolitan municipality handed over to law enforcement 18 of the audit, 10 of which – for the first time. Celtic informed: as 30.06.2019 year according to the materials of audits of the Metropolitan municipality “was 137 criminal proceedings, or are they attached to the materials of the existing criminal proceedings (for the I – th half of 2019 – 10 criminal proceedings)”. Of them, based on audits completed in the I-th half of 2019 – 7 criminal proceedings.

“According to information obtained by results of cooperation with law enforcement agencies prepared by 31 the message on suspicion in offences responsible persons, six people wanted on 17 criminal proceedings, indictments submitted to the court,” the report said.

Of the 282-x recommendations of the audit Department of the state administration for elimination of revealed violations, as 30.06.2019 of the year “loser” of the KSCA, RGA and utilities take into account only 72 recommendations. According to estimates Celtic, the future benefits of these recommendations is only 3.5 million.

We will remind, according to the report of the auditing Department of the state administration for the I half-year of 2018, 44 budget structure (utilities, structure of the KCSA and district administration) have allowed financial violations in the amount of 256,2 million. And conducted 73 audits the economic activities of the Metropolitan managers in General for the 2018 revealed financial violations for the sum of 431,7 million.

That is, it seems to get worse. Because the audit was subjected to just 15 structures, though allocators of budget funds in Kyiv, including departments and offices of the KSCA and district administration, about two thousand.