Kiev became the leader in the production of Kraft beer

Located in the capital half of all Breweries.

Київ став лідером з виробництва крафтового пива

Craft beer holds a special place in the domestic beer market. This product is beer, which is made according to exclusive recipes and in small batches. Currently, such production in Ukraine issued 90 licenses. The largest share of craft Breweries Breweries located in Kiev is 52.5%. Other regions of the country lagging behind the capital in this indicator. This is reported by experts of Pro-Consulting, informs Rus.Media.

Successful enterprises in this sector carry out sales of beer mainly in pubs, restaurants and cafes. So, in Kiev on the specified distribution channel accounted for 38% of the total. Also for sale are used for specialized craft beer stores – 19%, online shopping is 17%.

Київ став лідером з виробництва крафтового пива

Among consumers of beer is dominated by men. Moreover, if the segment of the traditional drink, the male audience is about two-thirds, Kraft beer, the proportion of male buyers reaches 78%.

The analysis shows that the Kraft beer market has great potential for development. Especially young people who actively adopt the global trends beer culture, seeks to add variety to your life by consuming beverages brewed on non-traditional recipes.

Київ став лідером з виробництва крафтового пива

“Obstacle to wider dissemination kraftova beer products on the Ukrainian market is its high price, but it will be offset in the process of raising the level of incomes of the population”, – experts believe.

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