Kharkiv regional state administration has allocated money for the reconstruction of the regional Oncology center in liquidators of the Chernobyl accident

Харьковская облгосадминистрация выделила деньги на реконструкцию областного диспансера ликвидаторам катастрофы на ЧАЭС


Repair 25 years of waiting. Kharkiv liquidators of the Chernobyl accident wait for the allocation of money for the reconstruction of regional hospital.

Renovation started, but what are the chances that she will become a project of the century? Versed Svetlana Shekera.

Leaking roof, mildew on the walls and an intolerable stench from the basement. These shots were made two months ago in Kharkiv regional hospital of radiation protection of the population. In this specialized facility, where they treat victims of Chernobyl not seen a quarter of a century.

“Each of us, of Chernobyl, received the invisible wound of the atom. Each of us has chronic illness, so for us, this hospital is a second home. Since 2005, we raised before the leadership the question of overhaul,” – said Anatoly winnick, the Chairman of the Kharkiv regional organization “Chernobyl Union of Ukraine”.

Every year there are treated about one hundred thousand Chernobyl veterans with difficult diagnoses. People come from all over Ukraine.

“Are all kinds of cures, then there are lots of minor. This functional diagnostics Department, it is physical therapy, we have a very good water treatment, aliterate”, – said Irina Pirogova, acting head physician of the Kharkiv regional dispensary for radiation protection of the population.

In June the regional Council has allocated money to repair. Nearly 10 million hryvnia. Today Chernobyl came to the clinic. Now, in order to monitor progress.

“There’s no design documentation previously provided, for example, ramps for wheelchairs, they heard us and are working in this direction, it was not. Be upgraded fire alarm system, have heard it, too,” says Peter Prokopenko, Vice-President of Kharkiv Association of public organizations of disabled veterans of Chernobyl.

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In the operating unit, the builders knock down the old tiles, dismantling doors, on the ground floor – proceed to the finishing work.

“We’re renovating the emergency Department, Department of physiotherapy, functional diagnostics. Model engineering network model of the electrical network, and perform facing,” – says Vladimir Tsygankov, head of the General Contracting construction organization.

Together with Chernobyl, the course of the repairs inspected and the head of regional administration.

“The funding is there. Today took a number of decisions together with the Chernobyl asset, hospital management, and contractors in order to as quickly as possible to start rebuilding the hospital. Going over the quality and timing of repair work to keep everything together,” says Julia Svetlichnaya, head of Kharkiv regional state administration.

By September the building will replace basic communication. After the builders do the Windows, roof and facade.

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