Kernes was robbed Zelensky before the election: “p*s**TS, we’d never get out of the scoop”

Кернес обокрал Зеленского перед выборами: "п*з**ц, мы никогда не вылезем из совка"

The mayors of Kharkiv and Odessa Gennady Kernes and Gennady Trukhanov agreed to establish a joint party to participate in parliamentary elections

And Kernes to them already prepared. So, his campaign billboards. However, it is easy to see that their style is completely copied from the campaign billboards of President Vladimir Zelensky. Kernes used exactly the same colors — yellow, green and white, and even the font were the same. Maybe he felt that the time Zelensky won the election, he was successful billboards? If it helps the Kharkiv mayor to enter Parliament — is unknown.

Кернес обокрал Зеленского перед выборами: "п*з**ц, мы никогда не вылезем из совка"

Кернес обокрал Зеленского перед выборами: "п*з**ц, мы никогда не вылезем из совка"

Note that Facebook laugh with such a stunt Gennady Kernes.

“Great!…We will never valezim with a shovel with such “leaders,” “Gene, all AE x**, come again”, “the Psychological factor. In people’s subconscious style Zelensky gives good emotion and commitment, so he used it. Smart-ass”, “Gene you are a real crocodile on the Billboard”, etc.

Кернес обокрал Зеленского перед выборами: "п*з**ц, мы никогда не вылезем из совка"

Party of mayors, headed Kharkiv city head Gennady Kernes and the mayor of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov may qualify for parliamentary elections not only on the coveted 5%, but for a better result. That will provide the political hit in the next Parliament.

As the Focus about this on his page in Facebook wrote political analyst, blogger Denis Gorokhovsky.

“Personally, I think that the seriousness of the party can be judged by two criteria – the political weight and expertise of its leaders and the real electoral base at the time of creation. Because all of the stories about the fact that we are here now to sozdadim, and then we will begin to love it to the poor. Actually, what am I? Kernes, Trukhanov and a number of of the associates decided to create their own political party and to go on elections to the Parliament. Such a party of mayors. The concept of the party is also simple and clear: decentralization, reducing the influence of Kiev on the processes in the regions and the amount of money coming from the budget for the needs of cities,” — said Gorokhovsky.

He also suggested that part of the existing MPs will soon declare the desire to join the party of mayors.

“Personal rating the same Kernes higher than the ratings of some parties who sit in Parliament today and only Kharkov may give more votes than others collect from all over Ukraine. Similar situation with the mayors of Odessa and Uzhgorod, which is already in the party. In General, I will assume that in the following convocation of Rada, we still see these comrades”, — said the political expert.

We will remind that Kernes decided to drive the patriots over the fence.

We wrote that the network came up with the fun name of the party Trukhanov-Kernes.

Politeka also reported that the son of Kernes boasted a luxurious journey.