Keira Knightley forbids daughter to watch disney cartoons

Hollywood actress and celebrity mom keira Knightley shared the technique of his upbringing.

Кіра Найтлі забороняє доньці дивитися діснеївські мультики

Now the actress keira Knightley is actively engaged in promkompani of the film “Colette” with its participation. In the framework of the premiere of the film star are increasingly happy with my appearances and candid interviews. In one of these she told about raising her daughter, informs Rus.Media.

On Tuesday, October 16, Knightley became the guest of the show Ellen DeGeneres. In conversation with leading Kira has revealed some interesting details about the upbringing of his daughter. It turned out that her house is a taboo for disney cartoons.

Кіра Найтлі забороняє доньці дивитися діснеївські мультики

So, despite the fact that Knightley in films Walt Disney Pictures, she forbids her daughter to watch Eddie “the little Mermaid” and “Cinderella.” As explained by the star mother, the reason is that the subjects of these tales are not correspond to the modern values of feminism:

Кіра Найтлі забороняє доньці дивитися діснеївські мультики

“Cinderella” tells that someone is waiting until a rich young man will not come and will not save, no, save yourself! And in “the little Mermaid”, the heroine sacrifices voice for the Prince – it is not necessary to give a voice to the person! But I like the songs.

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