Kaven Benoit wants to be the best

kaven-benoit-ambitionne-terminer-parmi(Drummondville) It’s been a while since the Drummondville Kaven Benoit is the best motocross rider in Quebec and he will have the chance this season to prove he is the best of all the northern US.

Reigning MX2 (250-400 cc) the last two years, the athlete is passed in series MX1 this season, the most prestigious in Canada. Apart from facing the best drivers in the country, it must compete with American mercenaries who are vying for their share of the lucrative fellowships. And there are good.

“It is very strong, there are many Americans. Usually there are only a few drivers that take their game and aspire to the championship. This year, there are nearly a dozen. There is more depth and everybody is faster, “he notes.

Benoit took fourth place in the first leg played in Kamloops, British Columbia. This is for him a very satisfactory result and expects to do even better the next tracks. There is a place in the top five riders when the checkered flag will fly for the last time at the end of the season, but obviously the dream honors.

“For sure this is the ultimate goal of winning this category, but if I can not, I can still be proud of what I achieved. Win in MX2, it’s not nothing, “he statue.

27 years old, the Drummondville still has some good years ahead of him. He does not see retiring for at least the next seven or eight years.

“I’ve done it all my life and I never imagined myself doing anything else. Once I have slowed down and finished to race, I think I could very well continue to work in the field, “he suggests.

A demanding sport

Since it is a motor sport, many observers tend to trivialize the efforts required to race motocross. Kaven Benoit believes it is one of the most extreme sports. Not only to the risk of injury, but the athletic ability necessary to compete in a statement as circuit.

“It’s very demanding. Our heart rate increases to 180 beats per minute and is held for 35 minutes. We are exposed to intense heat, the equipment and the bike is heavy and there is no air. This is the body that works, “he says, adding that he also had to maintain concentration foolproof to avoid the high speed drops.

It was at the age of four Benedict made the discovery of motocross. He then accompanied his father at an event featuring Carl Vaillancourt, a former star Drummondville autos. He immediately knew he wanted to do … and often.

From his first season, he won many provincial championships. He had a nice progression, until he stumbles on his first failures at national events.

“I have long relied on my talent and at one point it was no longer enough. It took me several years to realize that I had to put efforts to be successful. It’s been six years now that I am serious in there, “he says.

Kaven Benoit is the only driver Quebecois motocross to be able to live from his sport. The world of motocross is actually not known for its lucrative scholarships.

“I would not change much for sports,” he says.

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