Katya Osadchaya showed up Breasts on the beach: “so strongly was not yet”

Катя Осадчая засветила грудь на пляже: "так горячо еще не было"

Popular presenter Katya Osadchaya often pleases fans with new photos and videos online

Now Katya Osadchaya and her husband Yuri Gorbunov and their son is resting in Turkey, and exposes the vacation photos almost every day.

So, this time the presenter was pleased with photos into Stories on the page in social network Instagram. Osadchaya has posted two selfie in the beach images.

Катя Осадчая засветила грудь на пляже: "так горячо еще не было"

The first photo of star in a light blue sundress with polka dots with a plunging neckline. Complement your stylish way leading straw hats and black sunglasses.

In the second picture, posted online, Katya Osadchaya lying on deckchair and tans. Black bikini flatters the figure of a celebrity. The way it complemented the blue sunglasses and gold jewelry on her neck.

Recall that the famous Ukrainian presenter Katya Osadchaya has pleased fans with a sensual photo from the beach.

Катя Осадчая засветила грудь на пляже: "так горячо еще не было"

So, on his page in social network Instagram with Katya Osadchaya has published racy photos from the beach. Them TV presenter posing in a blue bikini on the background of clear sky and calm sea.

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Swimsuit perfectly emphasizes the slim trim figure Osadchaya.

“Relax, a little sunbathing, swimming and a little there. Vacation plans,” wrote under a photo of a celebrity.

Fans admired the physical form of Katya Osadchaya and her cheerfulness.

“Scho VI STE dwellers Mati Taka fgure?))”, “Yak figura 😍 ❤ it’s amazing”, “Beauty”, “Doskonala🤗”, “Yak VI SHRA here i duzhe happy👏”, “But the figure bomb 💥”, “Star”, “Neimovirna 😍”, “Wow”,”checkmate Kamensky” — write admirers

However, there were also those who thought Katya Osadchaya too lean, even skinny.

“Despite the fact that thin (even skinny) and long legs, and no sex. Flat rectangle. After birth, you were sexier. Sorry.”, “The figure is cool and a face without makeup is not very”, “Katya, more is not required hudnut!”, “Well, skinny) I’m in shock) well, also of course genetics”, “Troch sty😭,” write members of the presenter.

Recall Gorbunov made an unexpected confession Osadchaya.

As reported Politeka, Osadchaya plants showed a photo without makeup.

Also Politeka wrote that Osadchaya told about her third pregnancy: “I Want stories”.