Kate Middleton suffers for the sake of the children: “strong attacks”

Кейт Миддлтон страдает ради детей: «сильные приступы»

Kate Middleton is ready for your children to make any sacrifice

The Dukes of Cambridge are raising three children who became the darlings of the British.

First Kate Middleton and Prince William in 2013, a son was born. Prince George was the first after William the pretender to the throne of the United Kingdom. Charlotte appeared in the family of the Dukes two years after George was born. A year ago, Kate gave birth to a third child, named Louis Arthur.

Кейт Миддлтон страдает ради детей: «сильные приступы»

Kate Middleton is a loving and caring mother, who tries as much time to devote to children.

The wife of Prince William was not only fulfilling my duties as a member of the Royal family, but she is engaged in upbringing of the heirs.

Georgie and Charlotte do horseback riding is traditional for the Royal family sport. It is noted that children do not miss classes, and is very solidly in the saddle.

As for Kate, the British have always surprised at her indifference to the horses. However, as it turned out, it’s not that the Duchess does not like those noble animals. Kate Middleton is allergic to horse dander.

37-year-old Middleton is prone to severe Allergy attacks. But despite this, she still accompany their children to classes in horse riding.

As previously reported, she was married to Prince William, Kate is under the scrutiny of the tabloids and the public.

The harsh school of life in the Royal family taught Kate to follow him down to the tips of the nails. The Duchess of Cambridge is constantly on the mind, so each exit is a confirmation that the Duchess deserves to be among the highest aristocracy. The Duchess realizes that it is not necessary to disappoint Elizabeth II inappropriate outfits that are always in every detail discussed by the British.

However, no one is immune from punctures.

Thus, the wife of Prince William visited the Gal-dinner of the organization Action on Addiction, whose patron she is. This organization is struggling with addiction.

Kate chose a fitted bright dress striped off shoulder from Barbara Casasola. Image complements the silver shoes with pointed toes brand Jimmy Choo and a clutch bag Wilbur & Gussie.

Кейт Миддлтон страдает ради детей: «сильные приступы»

It should be noted that the Duchess looked great. Well-chosen dress emphasized her slender figure and wasp waist.

However, according to the rules of etiquette of the Royal family, women can’t go out in such open clothes. The Queen may not forgive a mistake of the evening in the toilet.

Recall that Kate Middleton has fulfilled an important mission of Elizabeth II: “the first time”.

As reported Politeka, Kate Middleton refused from elegant dresses and shoes with heels: photos of “ordinary” Duchess.

Also Politeka wrote that Prince William pushed their heads against his “mistress” Kate Middleton: “family on the edge of the gap”.