Kate Middleton got rid of rivals, details leaked out: “Immediately after…”

Кейт Миддлтон избавилась от конкурентки, детали просочились в сеть: «Сразу после…»

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton decided to dismiss his assistant, whom he met at University.

About it reports The Daily Mail.

So, Sophie Agnew went to school with Kate Middleton at the faculty of art history, but then did not even know that is friends with the future wife of a British king. It helped her to take the position of personal assistant to the Royal couple.

Кейт Миддлтон избавилась от конкурентки, детали просочились в сеть: «Сразу после…»

“Sophie worked so hard on Kate. She loved her work and sacrifice was required. And I never shied away from the dirty work,” said friends ladies.

Clarifies that Sophie had been fired immediately after her marriage. The reasons for this decision are still unknown. Some rumors claim that this was done to reduce the cost of Kensington Palace, others – because of the emergence of competition between the former friends.

As previously reported, the Duchess of Cambridge’s brother James Middleton showed his bride-the French.

Thus, the English entrepreneur and just handsome James Middleton chose a wife 29-year-old girlfriend-the Frenchwoman Alize Thevenin. This was reported by British media, citing its sources, the official statement, the pair is expected to do next week.

32-year-old brother of Catherine Middleton proposed to his girlfriend by presenting to the bride a ring with a sapphire. Perhaps it was inspired by the engagement sisters: as you know, Prince William gave Kate the ring with a gorgeous sapphire that previously belonged to his mother Princess Diana.

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Surrounded by a couple saying that alizée James found the one.

Note that the pair met last year in South Kensington Club. Some say that James fell in love with alizée in pervogo sight when she went to pet his Spaniel. They struck up a conversation. Then she returned to my table, and Middleton asked the waiter to pass her a note that said: “I Usually never do, but not would You agree to go with me somewhere for a drink?”. A couple of weeks they went on a first date. And alizée did not at first know whom he was dealing.

Кейт Миддлтон избавилась от конкурентки, детали просочились в сеть: «Сразу после…»

Recall, Meghan Markle discouraged a statement about the child, the sensation began.

As reported Politeka, Meghan Markle has changed dramatically and frightened appearance.

Also Politeka wrote that Meghan Markle has sharply lost and went out in public dressed in black.