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As we know, Kate Middleton and prince William will soon have a brother or sister for George and Charlotte, and we wonder how to call the future baby. Well be aware that the choice of his first name will be dictated by certain rules..

If Kate Middleton is currently very busy trying to manage its horrible attacks of nausea – that prevented her to accompany George to his entrance to the school – we imagine that it has not yet taken the time to start thinking about possible first names for her third child.

The wife of prince William knows that as well as for her eldest son and his daughter Charlotte, this choice should not be made lightly. Christian Turner, who works in an agency specialized in brands, told Hello the rules that the young parents will have to follow to choose the first name of the royal baby number 3.

“The key element in the choice of name to give a royal child is a balance between tradition and accessibility. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will want the or the fifth in the order of succession to the throne has a name deserving or a certain weight, and it is for this reason that they will opt definitely for a firstname solid, traditional and with strong links with the monarchy “. No chance, therefore, that Kate and William choose a name worthy of the casting house, or of the Angels.

So far, the couple must ensure that they do not choose a first name ” too old-fashioned or haughty so that the people can join easily.” No Como-Eudes or Edmée-Adelaide on the horizon either.

The couple will, therefore, reiterate the no fault directed at the arrival of their first two children : George and Charlotte are excellent examples of names that fully comply with this balance : the royal but traditional, symbolic in the inheritance [of the history of the royal family], the first two names are familiar since several decades, and it is not uncommon to hear both pronounced in kindergartens. It is common to this new generation of royal, who wants to be closer to reality than its predecessors “.

A list of rules to follow which is also rather logical, not to give a name already borne by one of the members of the royal family.

In addition to the Channel, the paris on the first names approached for the future royal baby boy or girl spin already well underway, and they are rather super cute. In addition, history proves that the players have (almost) always right !

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