Karl Lagerfeld : in 18 years, he has never had a sexual relationship with her ex-boyfriend – Here

In a book about her ex-boyfriend, Jacques de Bascher, Karl Lagerfeld has done an amazing revelation. As a couple for 18 years, they have never had… physical contact.

Very secret about his private life, Karl Lagerfeld has decided to open up on a pan whole of his existence : his relationship with Jacques de Bascher. In the 70’s and 80’s, the couple formed by the sartorius and the dandy, the charisma undeniable does never leave. Yet, in spite of a very great complicity, this beautiful story of love was only platonic.

Interviewed by the French journalist Marie Ottavi for a book on Jacques de Bascher, Karl Lagerfeld allowed himself to go to the confidence. The Kaiser of fashion has, in particular, talked about the sex life non-existent the couple : “I infinitely loved that boy, but I had no physical contact with him. Of course, I was attracted by her physical charm. “

Instead of physical love, Karl Lagerfeld was passionate about life sassy his companion : “I am a puritan in total, but I found the adventures of Jacques fun. “Known for his evenings crazy, his use of illicit substances and alcohol, James, of Blascher had a lifestyle very different from that of Karl Lagerfeld.

His ex-companion, died of aids in 1989, the famous designer explains : “We could not be more distant. I am a calvinist myself, and completely lenient towards others “. Despite their mode of life very different, Karl Lagerfeld will be stayed until the very end alongside his companion, when he will fall sick at the age of 38 years.

In the hospital room of Jacques de Blascher, the creator had to actually install an extra bed to stay with the one who shared his life. A devotion today said to Marie Ottavi, asked to comment on his interview with Karl Lagerfeld by WWD, that the dandy is certainly ” the person that is missing today in the life of Karl Lagerfeld “.

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