Karim Ouellet in conquered territory

appuye-projections-eclairages-fort-propos(Quebec) CRITICAL / Not too far from where it is grown (and right next to where he lives), Karim Ouellet was found in land conquered in advance Thursday as he named a park the Francophonie enlarged opening of the summer Festival. He offered a musically bloated spectacle visually neat and well stocked for guests.

The author-songwriter launched in March its third album, Trento, which he gave Thursday the first show home ( “I came on foot!” He told). For the occasion, Karim Ouellet put gum: two singers, a saxophonist and a trumpeter (Thomas Hébert of Valaire training), a reggae boyfriend (Daddy Rushy), a creative accomplice (Claude Bégin) and a choir of children (those of the school of L’Escale du Plateau and in Charlesbourg) include from helping hand to lend his return to the capital.

Supported projections and strong lights timeliness, guitarist and singer has honored her most recent creations. But he still offered a refreshing return to FOX album, not sulking his biggest hit, Love, in an elongated version rockée by an energetic guitar solo.

seasoned musician, Karim Ouellet is not always the most communicative when it comes time to pick his audience and keep the well-established connection. To compensate, the singer-songwriter has relied on the extras.

First on stage by inviting more friends exuberant than he percussionist King Abid played a few times the crowd of animators (including it demands its return with more vigor) while Claude Bégin new once exhibited his (famous!) shirtless browsing the public locked in a huge translucent plastic ball. It also returned to the stage – fully clothed this time – to sing his song Hearts head.

Ouellet also enhances the experience by multiplying surprises. As these copies of his albums released in the crowd. Or this nifty reminder comes in a wolf costume, surrounded by children’s voices, while beach balls bouncing on the floor.

Francesco Yates

Just before the young Francesco Yates has provided a benefit to the image of her hair: unbridled, exuberant and flamboyant. If he has a shy bone in the body, Toronto’s head with curly admirably hides. Twirling on the stage, making going to the guitar or keyboard or engaging in dizzying vocal flights, the singer of 20 years is not those spare. Whoever might be the small Mika cosmic cousin in a niche halfway between pop and RnB gave everything to an audience in which he could count many fans (if we look at the shrill cries that rang out) .

Laurence Nerbonne

We were led to Laurence Nerbonne care to break the ice – no pun intended, despite the chilly temperature! – At the Francophonie park. In shorts and t-shirt, the singer-songwriter has confirmed that it was warmer in the metropolis when pack his suitcase. The one that was first known in the late formation Morpheus Hotel served a good portion of urban pop it now forge solo before a thin crowd first, but has grown gradually. We would have also wished us a few more degrees, but for the rest, the festivities were launched in fine style by the blonde artist.

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