Karasev called Medvedchuk conceptual politician, which is very small in Ukraine

Карасев назвал Медведчука концептуальным политиком, каких очень мало в Украине

Political analyst Vadim Karasev said that Viktor Medvedchuk is a conceptual politician, which in Ukraine is extremely small

“We have a few General conceptual conceptual politicians and policies. Maybe this is the source of our difficulties,” — said Karasev on air of the political talk show “the Epicenter of the Ukrainian policy”.

“Today was a conceptual conversation and, I think, that is. We have heard a lot of ideas that you then have to develop a new quality of Ukrainian politics, which, in fact, media, in many respects scandalous, galassia and less rational and sensible — it is in this sense”, — said the analyst.

He added that the conversation in live talk show with Viktor Medvedchuk is promoting Ukrainians in the direction of reasonableness, rationality, balance, “because at stake — the fate of the country, the fate of Ukraine”.

Earlier, the Chairman of the political Council of the party “Opposition platform For life” Viktor Medvedchuk said that instead of implementing the items of the package of measures to implement the Minsk agreements, the Ukrainian government is a sham. According to him, the government does not implement the items of the package of measures because “she doesn’t need these people”.