Kamensky was struck by the personal photo of mom, the network exploded: “Younger daughter live!”

Каменских поразила личным фото мамы, сеть взорвалась: "Моложе дочери прям!"

Famous Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamensky continues to excite fans spicy images and videos published on his page in social network Instagram

Nastya Kamensky actively engaged in their own page in Instagram, share photos and videos in their daily life.

Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamenskih, which is now under the pseudonym NK, continues to delight fans with new songs and music videos, writes Рoliteka.net.

Каменских поразила личным фото мамы, сеть взорвалась: "Моложе дочери прям!"

As you know, recently the singer together with her husband – rapper Alexey Potapenko went on vacation. On this occasion the couple presented a lot of shots and even surprised fans Instagram weird family videos.

Каменских поразила личным фото мамы, сеть взорвалась: "Моложе дочери прям!"

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And later it turned out that Kamensky went not just to relax but even with the “mission” is to release the clip, give numerous interviews to foreign publications and much more.

So, on his page in the network instagram Kamensky published a series of photos and even video from the Studio of the television program.

However, even distance and total employment did not prevent Nastia to congratulate his mother Lydia Petrovna, happy birthday. Relevant post with warm words and sincere wishes to the one and only singer left on the page in Instagram.

The picture shows the mother of the actress posing in a sweater and lemon-colored with fun white pet on hand. A minimum of makeup, curly blonde hair and a light smile adorns the face of Lydia Petrovna.

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Каменских поразила личным фото мамы, сеть взорвалась: "Моложе дочери прям!"Каменских поразила личным фото мамы, сеть взорвалась: "Моложе дочери прям!"

By the way, she now often plays sports and trains hard to be in shape. She Kamensky and her husband are on a proper diet drinking any supplements and never forget the trips to the gym.

Каменских поразила личным фото мамы, сеть взорвалась: "Моложе дочери прям!"

But before the wedding, held in the spring of this year, artists showed incredible only one she had lost 20 kg and flashed in a stylish outfit. Potap did not remain in side and dropped in weight not less than his beloved. Besides trips to the room and the photos from there have become a kind of tradition itself Kamensky says that sometimes the result of hikes noticeable by someone earlier, someone later, but he is always there and should never give up.

It is worth noting that just a few days ago, the singer showed how lights with her beloved husband at a nightclub, hitting all of his dances in front of fans. And after the artist won network tender, the cute posed with Potapov.

We will remind, earlier fans sharply criticized figure Kamensky.

As reported Politeka, Potap fans excited at the unexpected statement.

Also Politeka told me that Kamensky was shocked by an unusual transformation.