Kamensky was shining charms in a revealing neckline “dream Woman”

Каменских засветила прелести в откровенном декольте: "Женщина мечты"

Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamensky showed a sexy image from the new video, but not all of it came to taste

Recently Nastya Kamensky caused a sensation in the network his new music video for the Ukrainian song “Obsahu” which amazed the fans with a series of transformations of the heroines of world famous paintings. So, in the clip, the singer appeared in the images of the Mona Lisa, Frida Kahlo, Olympia and even Girl with a pearl earring.

She continues to drum up interest by posting on his page in Instagram the spectacular and candid photos from the shooting of the video. At the last published photos from the shooting of Anastasia depicted in a very sensual and gentle manner.

Каменских засветила прелести в откровенном декольте: "Женщина мечты"

Каменских засветила прелести в откровенном декольте: "Женщина мечты"

Каменских засветила прелести в откровенном декольте: "Женщина мечты"

The actress poses in a slinky beige dress, beautiful hands folded at the waist and face. Draped different colors background added the image even more atmospheric and brilliance.

Netizens noticing the rushed him to comment on. So, most fans were quick to leave rave reviews, noting that the frame came out very tender and beautiful, and her daughter in the picture looks like a real Queen. Also netizens left compliments in the direction of the new clip:

“what’s all the same a great clip ! you can watch forever 😍”, “video Clip beautiful, everything is so harmoniously and beautifully❤ I”, “Nastya,you Ah….traveler girl,I like your new image” “new image, New people. She does not know”, “the Queen!😉”, “Goddess😻”, “Pull on the woman of the dreams!”.

Каменских засветила прелести в откровенном декольте: "Женщина мечты"

However, there were those commentators who were dissatisfied with this photo. Noting that it Kamenskih looks older than she really is:

“agree)) 🙄Old then some:((“, “Yeah, sorry, that is already starting to notice her age, every year youth all goes and goes, well, what is there to think, if the artist more than 30 years”, “Kamensky in a duet with Potap – liked now – a disappointment. Changed beyond recognition… And not for the better. As a singer, uninteresting. What a strange demonstration of clothes, poses stupid… as If the singer has nothing to show, maybe go to fashion models you, it must have been love”, “Nastya obviously changed,or I’m behind the times,” “Not know the legend!( So unlike me! She is much prettier than in this photo”.

We will remind, earlier fans sharply criticized figure Kamensky.

As reported Politeka, Potap fans excited at the unexpected statement.

Also Politeka told me that Kamensky was shocked by an unusual transformation