Kamensky has released a video of the adventures in Miami

Каменских выпустила видео о приключениях в Майами

Ukrainian singer talked about their performances on local radio stations, showed the life and boasted Spanish.

Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamensky, who started a solo career under the stage name NK, released the first series of rollers about their adventures in Miami. The video appeared on the official YouTube channel of star NKofficial.

In the video Kamensky with his friend and producer Alexey Potapenko and two girls says that they have just arrived. Next, the star reveals his first Breakfast in Miami and talks about his excitement before the first performance on the radio.

Also the video shows a fragment of a female singer in Spanish. The presenter praised a Ukrainian woman, when he found out that she is studying the language for only four months.

In less than a day the video has received over 41 thousand views. Network users like live, and they’re faster to produce the next part of the story.

Kamensky previously released the song Peligroso in Spanish. Thanks to this track Nastya Kamensky became the first Ukrainian woman, trapped in a world Billboard.

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