Kamensky dressed in latex and ran into criticism: “Bust”

Каменских нарядилась в латекс и нарвалась на критику: «Перебор»

Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamensky, criticized the fans for a bad outfit is made of latex, which dress up the girl

The corresponding picture she posted on his page in Instagram.

On the published picture Kamensky posing in a revealing latex outfit, showing off your long legs. At the same time, netizens suspected her of using photoshop, and wrote about the singer in the comments.

Каменских нарядилась в латекс и нарвалась на критику: «Перебор»

“Robin!”, “Is something wrong?”, “What about my head?”, “bad photoshop”, “photoshop. Extended much. Much”, “the Legs are long, smooth, beautiful. But there is photoshop”, “photoshop gone bust,” they write.

As previously reported, on the wedding day with Nastya Kamenskih Potap published a heartfelt confession, and the singer struck provocative way. So, on the wedding day Nastya Kamensky and Potap officially confirmed their relationship. Rumors about their romance spread for a long time, however the pair over all the time, never confirmed.

However, in the day of his wedding Potap finally confirmed the speculation, he confessed his love for his beloved and really talked about the wedding singer. With a romantic clip of its new song, the singer said about the love of Kamensky to the whole world.

After the feast, the couple went to celebrate their honeymoon, and a week later came back for concerts and different shots. However, the pair tries a lot of time together and now in the pages of the artists can be seen not only staged, but also home – Potapov shares his opinion as Anastasia prepares, and Kamensky shows how they train.

So, this time, Kamensky decided to make the same natural frame and surprise easy ease depicted in this photo. Anastasia posed without makeup, tanned and smiling. The white light dress is very becoming sultry beauty. In the post she decided to congratulate the famous Ukrainian gloss with the 15th anniversary. The artist holds in his hands two releases with their cover photo.

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Fans could not pass up a new picture of your cat: “Finally you are dressed, and no flashy make-up. Nice to look at such photos”, “Mathew, you’re the best!!!!❤❤❤❤😘😘😘😘😘”, “You are so incredibly beautiful without makeup😍😍😍”, “Pretty woman”, “cops and said that Nastya began to look even better.”

Каменских нарядилась в латекс и нарвалась на критику: «Перебор»

Recall, Potap Kamenskih showed on the wedding day in his underwear.

As reported Politeka, wedding Kamenskih and Potap: bride showed sensual photos and touching Declaration of love

Also Politeka wrote that appeared the first photos of a gorgeous restaurant near Kiev, where they will celebrate the wedding Potap and Kamenskih.