Kamensky and Karol exchanged at the wedding hot kiss: “sexy story”

Каменских и Кароль обменялись на свадьбе жарким поцелуем: «секси-стори»

Nastya Kamenskih threw her fiance Potap and started making out with Tina Karol

Video hot kisses of two Ukrainian stars appeared on the fan page Potap and Kamenskih in the social network Instagram.

Today, may 23, the long-awaited event – Alex Potapenko and Nastya Kamensky became husband and wife. After visiting the marriage ceremony, the newlyweds and guests went to the Kiev fine dining restaurant with Italian cuisine.

Каменских и Кароль обменялись на свадьбе жарким поцелуем: «секси-стори»

A wedding to celebrate brought together many celebrities. Among was and singer Tina Karol.

Not only was she famously danced barefoot in front of the bride and groom, and then began to kiss with Kamensky. Girls did not hesitate to shoot your kisses at the video and the same video appeared in the network. “From now” – this reads underneath the signature.

The video of the actress cuddling and Nastya with emotion, hard kisses Tina on the cheek. “A sexy story, alala,” says Tina so unexpected, his friend and the young ladies begin to laugh.

Fans immediately likes and comments responded to “compromising” with kisses.

“Nastya is already drunk”, “girls that?” “Nasty drunk”, “Cute,” wrote a follower.

Каменских и Кароль обменялись на свадьбе жарким поцелуем: «секси-стори»

As previously reported, the singer Olya Polyakova told about the wedding Nastya Kamensky and Potap, while makeup artists preparing her for the celebration. The actress told the subscribers about details of events that the stars were concealed to this day.

Каменских и Кароль обменялись на свадьбе жарким поцелуем: «секси-стори»

In the comments, the singer asked when she was invited to the celebration. To which she replied: “to be honest, they’ve scored this date a year ago!”.

After the actress said, “Damn, and hell say?”. But after I calmed down and assured that this wedding cannot be done in a month or week.

Polyakova said that the wedding party walks the entire Ukrainian show-business, and master of ceremonies – known TV presenter Yury Gorbunov.

Каменских и Кароль обменялись на свадьбе жарким поцелуем: «секси-стори»

“They stick with it. I live nearby,” said Polyakova.

About what a gift she and her husband will give the newlyweds, Polyakova is not admitted, only reminded that it will be live on YouTube channel and I will try to show exclusive from the event.

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Recall Kamensky showed a photo from the wedding.

We also wrote that Potap and Nastya ran away on the wedding day.

Even politeka reported that the Kamensky before the wedding undermined the network of his statement.