Kamenskikh Topless lit with two men: “Woman with children”

Каменских без лифчика засветилась с двумя мужчинами: "Старуха с детками"

Ukrainian pop diva Nastya Kamensky came to the opening of the first album of the winners of season 9 of the X factor group ZBS Band

They under her direction, snatched victory on the famous show. Video Nastya stands between guys, someone behind the scenes is reminiscent of the announcement of the results of the X Factor, when a group of young people recognized the winners. Kamensky with emotions reacted to it, because these guys brought glory not only to themselves but also to elevate itself Nastya, as she was their coach.

The guys from ZBS Band only a year ago, I created the group, but today about them knows the whole country. In the qualifying round of the X Factor they got the winning ticket in the form of four “Yes” from a judge of the show and made the team Nastya Kamenskih, which led them to victory.

The group consists of two actors of the Kiev theater of the Golden gate Vladislav Onishchenko and Bohdan Boyluca. Guys came to audition X-factor with the author’s song On the frost, which won a judge.

According to the boys, the group exists a year. The lyrics they write together, and for the music meets the more Vladislav.

Каменских без лифчика засветилась с двумя мужчинами: "Старуха с детками"

Under the video Kamensky guys have a funny comment — “Nasty APE, the old woman with the children”.

Каменских без лифчика засветилась с двумя мужчинами: "Старуха с детками"

At the presentation of the first album of the band, journalists caught Kamensky and asked her questions about the upcoming wedding, which for the past week, buzz media. As you know, there is information that the wedding with Potap Kamenskih happens in the 20’s of may. However, she went back to encrypted and never gave the press the answer to a specific question. Journalists were left with nothing, when the star evasively just spoke about friendly relations with Potapov.

Каменских без лифчика засветилась с двумя мужчинами: "Старуха с детками"

“I’m talking about my personal life as much as I want to know about it. With Alex we have a very cool get the tandem. First, we created a group that became very successful. Then, even when we put the Duo on pause, we continued to create. And Alex helps me a lot. I support him,” she said to journalists.

The actress added that more insightful answers about her personal life you can learn from her new song “Promise”.

Recall that the captain first spoke about the wedding with Kamensky: “chose the symbolic date”

As reported Politeka, Kamenskikh first told on the wedding invite: “I’ll Always be with you”

Also Politeka wrote that Kamensky before the wedding with the captain taken aback by the statement about another man: “I am thrilled with him.”

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