Kalinichenko: the Scandal of “temniki” – it was also “set up” by Kipiani?

Калиниченко: Скандал с «темниками» - это тоже была «подстава» со стороны Кипиани?

The story of Ivan Golunova showed that Russian journalists are ready to forget about the grievances, and as a monolith to defend colleagues, and Ukraine, on the contrary — that “black sheep”

This conclusion comes political analyst Alexey Kalinichenko.

“The fact that Ukraine lags behind Russia, evidenced by the many egregious examples. As, for example, the behavior of Vakhtang Kipiani. Kipiani was indignant, why in Russia the cops can frame an innocent man, but Ukrainian police is unable to plant drugs or ammunition opposition politician Viktor Medvedchuk,” he writes.

Kalinichenko emphasizes that grant the journalist actually took the side of corrupt police and supported their dishonest methods.

“That is, according to Kipiani, Moscow police – well done, do not bother because there are all sorts of issues of morality and conscience, and when necessary, substitute the objectionable journalist, shoved the bag of drugs and sent to prison, so as not to interfere great people to deal with their case. And the Ukrainian police, said Kipiani, it weaklings, unable to arrange a date and provocation against an opposition politician. Wow “the democratic journalist”!, indignantly the author writes.

Alexey Kalinichenko recalls that Kipiani in the early 2000-ies hyped the scandal with so-called “temniki”. But after a scandalous journalist encouraged to use methods such as setup, there is a suspicion that the scandal with the “rough copies” was just a slander, because no trust the words of such a man can not be.

“At the time Kipiani became famous because of scandal with “the rough copies”, although in fact the story made him a scandalous reputation. In the early 2000s, Kipiani accused the government that it regulates information agenda key channels through instruction, what topics to cover and which to ignore. But now, in the light of new developments, there is a suspicion – can, Kipiani, then also threw Medvedchuk theme of “temniki”?! And actually it was slander?!”, — asks the blogger.

“Because if people approve of dirty methods COP “bases” and encourages them to apply, then, of course, any credibility to his words no and can not be”, — concluded the analyst.