Kalinichenko: Only directly Medvedchuk meets Putin. No one in Ukraine does not, even Zelensky

Калиниченко: Только Медведчук напрямую встречается с Путиным. Больше никто в Украине этого не делает, даже Зеленский

Today even the President Zelensky is not able to meet directly with Vladimir Putin. Among the Ukrainian political elite only Viktor Medvedchuk directly meets with the President of the Russian Federation

This was written in Facebook by political analyst Alexei Kalinichenko.

So Kalinichenko commented on the promotional material in one of the media that the assistant of the Ukrainian President Andrey Ermak can negotiate with Russia. According to Kalinichenko, this article “is a classic example of a political fake.”

“In fact, Ermak cannot replace Medvedchuk. And not just because Medvedchuk even when Poroshenko refused to participate in the work of the TAG in Minsk, because Poroshenko doesn’t want peace and the return of people. But, in the first place, because directly Medvedchuk meets Putin. No one in Ukraine does not, because has no such possibility. Even the President Zelensky, at least not yet”, — the expert has placed all points over i.

Alexey Kalinichenko explained that Ermak has no opportunity to negotiate directly with the political elite of the Russian Federation. First, he had no contacts of the level of Putin, and secondly, he is Pro-American politician, so in Russia, no one will negotiate.

“Let’s answer the question, whether the Ermak opportunity to negotiate with the first persons of the Russian Federation? Of course not,” —

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“First, contacts the level of Vladimir Putin had not.
Second, nobody in Russia he had to agree, because the Ermak is a Pro-American politician who defends the interests of the United States.
Article The New York Times, dedicated to the trip of the assistant to the President of the United States, clearly shows that it broadcasts the same set of Pro-American thesis that Poroshenko”, — said the analyst.

Kalinichenko recalls that Andrey Ermak during a recent trip to the U.S., according to The New York Times, was “to discuss possible U.S. sanctions against the Russian oil pipeline”.

“It is impossible to discuss U.S. sanctions and at the same time to negotiate with Russia. Pro-American politicians in General no chance to establish a negotiation channel with Russia. Remember the recent attempt of the emissaries of Kolomoisky to go to the talks in Moscow, which ended in complete failure, because none of the Russian elite did not want them to even meet,” — said Alexey Kalinichenko why Pro-American politicians in Ukraine have no chance to negotiate with Russia.