Kaia Gerber became the face of the latest collection “Calvin Klein”

Кайя Гербер стала лицом последней коллекции «Calvin Klein»

It is no secret that in the world of fashion many women suffer from various eating disorders. Because the mannequins need to maintain a slim figure throughout his career, not making even minimal concessions. So a few years ago, the designer was obliged to prevent the models to the runway, if their weight does not exceed the performance standards. However, it seems that this rule does not apply to 17-letnuu Kaya Gerber. It is no secret that in recent time, the millionaire’s daughter is rapidly losing weight. However, Cindy Crawford is confident that this thinness will help the successor achieve success and recognition.

However, it seems not all designers support the canons of beauty Karl Lagerfeld. Despite the fact that the popular brunette is his main Muse and face of the last collection, during a demonstration of new products from the fashion house “Calvin Klein” representatives tried to hide form Gerber. Writes storinka.com.ua yesterday Kaya shone on the catwalk in a woolen MIDI skirt with a pleated gray free jacket rich wine shade, the t-shirt with a colorful print and patent leather pumps. It is noteworthy that the trend will be elements of fringe, leather, silk scarves and shawls, outfits, casual style, sweater, tulle skirt, semi-sheer fabric and gold.

According to Western media, a social event was visited by many representatives of show business. For example, among the spectators noticed the legendary supermodel Naomi Campbell on the catwalk and shone not only fashion models, but also the official spokeswoman for the fashion brand by Selena Gomez. By the way, popular brunette surprised fans by wearing a fitted mini dress made of translucent matter, adorned with elements of gold.

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