Justine Prudhomme leaves the leadership of the Public Market Shawinigan

nouveau-marche-public-shawinigan-porte(Shawinigan) The architect behind the dramatic transformation of the Public Market Shawinigan stepping down as CEO.

Wishing to focus on the development of its own businesses while remaining very full-time mother of five children, Justine Prud’homme decided, after careful consideration, to give way.

“I feel like the mother who will carry her baby to daycare for the first time!” Image does. “I must me off, but I’m not there yet.”

Alain Richard, president of the Cooperative of procurement Shawinigan, concedes that the organization loses a big chunk.

“It’s a cornerstone,” he says. “Justine was the forerunner of this. It was she who gave birth to the new market. ”

In 2010, only ten merchants were grouped on Champlain Avenue. Development prospects were not on the radar screen until the Board of Directors, chaired by Ms. Prud’homme, undertake steps to propose to the City of Shawinigan to acquire the building and invest time, money and energy to make the place a crossroads for exchange between producers and consumers.

The challenge has been met, and last year, the area has undergone a transformation that does not go unnoticed. Public Market Shawinigan now has 26 dealers, not counting seasonal workers who began to settle outside for the summer.

“When you do a project like this, until it looks like there is nothing impossible,” she reflects. “I had two goals: that this market is the most beautiful in Quebec and it is the most prosperous. Further work is needed for the second goal! Much remains actions to implement to get there: entertainment, activities … ”

The businesswoman give more breadth to its catering service, Chef Justine, the Public Market. She has another trade Kokomi Sushi. Obviously, it will ensure a smooth transition with his successor.

“I was surrounded by great,” she says, in particular thinking of its Board of Directors and especially to Gilles Lafrenière, former commissioner of social economy in Shawinigan Local Development Centre.

“If I had been alone, I could not have done. It was not obvious that people see what I had in mind and believe it! It took a lot of determination and I had a lot of support. ”

Ms. Prudhomme has just given birth to a girl and return her short maternity leave, she gave about twenty hours a week at the branch. Now it is a full time job, so that the files were beginning to accumulate.

By mutual agreement with the board, she finally agreed to leave his place, after a month of reflection.

The businesswoman also acknowledges that his status as general manager and tenant the public market could lead to appearances of conflicts of interest. Richard confirms that some merchants were passing remarks about it.

“Some have raised this dilemma, but you are dealing with a professional,” supports the president. “She could have stayed if she had really wanted to, but she realized that with its two shops she had less and less time to top management.”

In succession, Richard is looking for a candidate with good organizational skills, able to work under pressure and find funding sources. He will also manage the daily public market, home to about 4,500 customers a week.

Normally, the new resource hold office in late July.

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