Justin Timberlake shocked fans: “the other person”

Стас Михайлов шокировал поклонников: «другой человек»

Stas Mikhailov has puzzled its fans, who simply couldn’t recognize their favorite artist

Popular Russian singer carefully prepared for the concert dedicated to his birthday.

50-year-old sex symbol those women who are over… surprised not only a bright show, but also their appearance. Groupies have long watched the singer and didn’t recognize him, suspecting this was a completely different person. The fact that Mikhailov is very much younger, writes Super.ru.

Стас Михайлов шокировал поклонников: «другой человек»

Fans suspected the artist that he visited a plastic surgeon.

Individuals any wrinkles, stretched smile, raised eyebrows – all this testifies to the surgery doctor beauty.

Was shocked at all the fact that the person Stas Mikhailov began to Express less emotion, it is as if, “restricted movements”.

As we wrote earlier, the users in the network shocked news about the new plastic Taisiya Povaliy. Fluent and once popular in Ukraine, the singer has made another plastic surgery.

Users in the network exploded a barrage of criticism of the actress. People say that once beautiful woman has mutilated himself: “she Lost her face. And in all senses of the word…”, “Similar became transsexual”, “I wish she held the plastic brain!”

Recently Taisa has published a video that caused confusion among most of her fans. It singer with evening makeup and a fur coat sitting in the car, slowly swaying to the beat of rhythmic melodies. “Buzz…” — wrote in the caption for them.

However, most of the fans attracted the attention of a person celebrity: many noted that it has changed, and not for the better. And some commentators have even suggested that Taisia has serious problems in his personal life.

Also, the network was horrified as Russian celebrity mutilated themselves a plastic surgery. The portion of criticism and even boorish insults went to the stars of Russian pop of 70-year-old Valery Leontiev and Nadezhda Babkina.

Стас Михайлов шокировал поклонников: «другой человек»

Babkina on his page in social network Instagram posted a photo with his colleague across the stage Leontiev. “Visited the concert of Valery Leontiev, talked to colleagues!”, – boasted the artist.

But her joy from the event, Internet users are not divided. On the heads of the actors showered with dozens of critical comments. Users simply wondered why “so disfigure yourself” plastic surgery

We will remind as winnick robbed Stas Mikhailov: took all the she-wolf.

As reported Politeka, the man became a living “Barbie doll”: a photo of consequences of plastic surgeries.

Also Politeka wrote that fans in the new video didn’t recognize Lorak: “Like Jackson”.