Justin Bieber is doing everything to find a pretty blonde, she put a BIG rake – Here

Seduced by the curves of a young woman on Instagram, Justin Bieber has made feet and hands to find. Unfortunately for him, it was already taken.

The plan of Justin Bieber was simple and unstoppable. After you have spotted a very pretty young woman on Instagram, the canadian singer thought that after having found it, she would fall, necessarily, in her small, muscular arms. Except that his plan has not quite worked out as planned. Worse, Jessica Gober has announced the attempt to drag the star and has allowed him to put a bit of a shame about the canvas.

It all starts on the account Instagram of a gym in the city of Savannah in the United States. To make the promotion of a beverage, the leaders of the establishment have had the good idea of making a call to one of their employees, Jessica Gober. The video Boomerang published by the gym with resounding success, to such a point that the pretty face of the employee comes under the eyes of Justin Bieber.

New @bangenergy limited edition purple guava pear energy drinks are here! Trust us when we say they’re AMAZING! Get yours while they’re still in stock! UPDATE: This is a employee and no privacy laws were broken!!

A post shared by Fitness On Broughton (@fitnessonbroughton) on Aug 9, 2017 at 10:58am PDT

After that, it is Jessica Swallow it-even that was shared on social networks. Very amused, she has published on Twitter a screenshot of a conversation on Instagram between Justin Bieber and the gym, and wrote the following message : “Is it just happen… Justin Bieber just contact the gym where I work and asked who I was hahahaha “.

Did this actually just happen… lmao
Justin Bieber just messaged the gym that I work at and asked who I was hahahaha WTF pic.twitter.com/mktcdB1iDP

— Jessi (@jessicagober) August 9, 2017

Already, the attempted seduction of Justin Bieber seemed bad part… It was without counting on the second tweet assassin Jessica Gober. By publishing a series of photos where she poses with her boyfriend, the young woman has made one of the biggest rakes of the century to the canadian star by tweeting : “I have everything I need here “. At least, the message is clear !

I’ve got everything I need right here 💓 pic.twitter.com/mET9XXkM8d

— Jessi (@jessicagober) August 10, 2017

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