“Just can’t be carried out as…”: Poroshenko decided to villainy because of the inauguration Zelensky

"Точно проводить нельзя, так как...": у Порошенко решились на подлость из-за инаугурации Зеленского

Petro Poroshenko continues by all means to delay the inauguration of President-elect Vladimir Zelensky, after all, can’t just drop millions of income

Petro Poroshenko together with his retinue of PR people, begin to intimidate deputies in order to continue to defer the inauguration of Vladimir Zelensky.

At least, so says the journalist Alexander Dubinsky in a video published on his page in Facebook.

According to him, he read the news that Zelensky has already prepared a decree on the dissolution of Parliament. And immediately tried to find the source of this information, to understand from whom it comes.

"Точно проводить нельзя, так как...": у Порошенко решились на подлость из-за инаугурации Зеленского

“And the source we have Ukrainian Pravda, which has long been generously sponsored by Pinchuk and for a long time, very touching lick x*NY Poroshenko. And when I see that Ukrainian Pravda publishes draft decree Zelensky on the dissolution of Parliament, I make a very simple conclusion. They put a decree in an attempt to intimidate MPs and tell them: “Guys, if you assign the inauguration on number 19, you will quickly dissolve, PI*Dec. You will lose their corrupt income, the ability to get into Parliament again, you can’t do anything. Therefore, in any case, do not assign the inauguration on number 19″,” says Dubinsky.

Dubinsky claims that such news is manipulation technology Poroshenko, who aims to maximize the delay of the inauguration Zelensky.

“Because every day for Peter minus three million dollars, therefore, than later he will lose the majority in Parliament and pocket, and the ability to steal from the budget, the better for him. So let’s figure out what the 19th Martians landed and the inauguration, then just can not be carried out. Or let’s different scare these suckers deputies,” added Dubinsky.

"Точно проводить нельзя, так как...": у Порошенко решились на подлость из-за инаугурации Зеленского

Also earlier it was reported that the newly elected President Vladimir Zelensky has undertaken to Express its position regarding the dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

This became known after the publication of the notification on the official page “see the team” on the social network Facebook. As noted, Zelensky ready to pay attention to a petition, when it gets 1 million hits.

“Ruslan Hanumak recorded the first question, which is one of the main” agenda “of the citizens of Ukraine: dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada. If you are concerned about this issue — watch the video, send to your friends, share on your pages. When the video gain 1000000 hits — Vladimir will personally pay attention to it “, — stated in the message.

We will remind that it became known as the look the wife and children of Vladimir Zelensky.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky told whom to appoint to senior positions.

Also Politeka wrote that Razumkov told about the new head of the presidential Administration.