July prepares final test heat: new weather forecast

Июль готовит финальное испытание жарой: появился новый прогноз погоды

Weather in Ukraine on Monday, 29 July will be very hot in July finally decided to show me what you got

Dry and Sunny conditions will in almost all regions of the country. Rains with thunderstorms are expected only in Western Ukraine.

The temperature on Monday will range between +28+30 degrees. In the South, the air warms up to 34 degrees.

It is worth noting that the heat will not last long: July 31-August 1 will start another cold

Weather in Kyiv on Monday, July 29, will also be dry and Sunny. The thermometer will show +29+31 degrees.

The weather forecast for Monday, July 29, in the cities of Ukraine:

Uzhgorod – +29…+31

Lviv – +28…+30

Ivano-Frankivsk – +28…+30

Ternopil – +29…+31

Chernivtsi – +29…+31

Khmelnitsky – +29…+31

Lutsk – +29…+31

Exactly – +28…+30

Zhitomir – +29…+31

Vinnitsa – +30…+32

Odessa – +29…+31

Nikolaev – +31…+33

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All the news

Kherson – +32…+34

Simferopol – +32…+34

Kropiwnicki – +30…+32

Cherkassy – +29…+31

Chernihiv – +28…+30

Sumy – +27…+29

Poltava – +29…+31

Dnepr – +30…+32

Zaporozhye – +30…+32

Donetsk – +30…+33

Lugansk – +29…+31

Kharkov – +29…+31

Июль готовит финальное испытание жарой: появился новый прогноз погоды

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