Julia Vignali : the facilitator’s Best pastry chef talks about the scar that his tattoo arm covers – Here

Since a few weeks, Julia Vignali is the new face of the Best pastry chef. The facilitator, however, has a difficult history with the kitchen, after a serious accident happened during his childhood and who had left him a large scar.

It is a branch covered with flowers, japanese escapes nicely from the sleeve of the t-shirt of Julia Vignali. The presenter of the Best pastry chef features a massive, colorful tattoo that fully covers the upper part of the right arm. A choice that owes nothing to fashion or the generalization of tattoos, since by her own admission, she herself is ” not a fan “. If Julia Vignali has chosen to ink the skin, it is what it wished to do so to cover the large scar that was there, as she told Paris Match.

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A scar related to a terrible accident when she was five years old : “there’s a fire in my arm, quickly the fire department !” I fainted under the shock of the pain. A gesture… I spilled my hot chocolate on the pajamas. In acrylic, it has literally melted. Scarred for life “. A few seconds of inattention and a third-degree burn injury including the “damage” has unfortunately been ” poorly judged “. As Julia Vignali the story goes, when the severity of his injury was taken into account, it was ” too late for a transplant “. Among the consequences of this burn-in, figure in the first place, the large scar she has left on her arm : “I begin my life with this burn on my arm that grows up like me “, and raises many questions.

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“In the winter it is easy to hide with clothes but in summer, I am obliged to explain what happened. Several times I inform myself to know if it is possible to erase this mark, but no, the scar is too deep ! “. And then one day, ” on a whim “, Julia Vignali has chosen to cover this burn with a tattoo. A transformation that only the small phrase uttered by his son allowed him to accept : “It is even more beautiful than before, you have done well, mum.”

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