Julia Vignali happy with his companion Kad Merad : “We lead a simple life” – Here

As a couple, with Kad Merad, Julia Vignali evokes the happiness that she has been living for three years with the French actor.

These are three beautiful years that Julia Vignali file the perfect love with Kad Merad. A stroke of lightning that has operated in 2014 on the set of C à vous, where they met for the first time. On this day, the ex-moderator of Maternal replaced Anne-Sophie Lapix, part leave. It must be said that between the two of them, the current is immediately past, a conversation marked that night by multiple jokes and laughter.

Very much in love of the other, Julia Vignali and Kad Merad, however, have a tendency to leak the photos, call and other social gatherings. One of the few times where they were displayed together, it was in February 2016, the sixth ceremony of the Magritte of cinema in Brussels. On this day, the couple appeared smiling and is very accomplice.

Arrival at the controls of the Best Pastry chef in replacement of Faustine Bollaert, Julia Vignali is since discovered a passion for cooking, to the delight of his beloved. “I’m lucky to have a man greedy, but nice and very understanding, she confided in the columns of the Gala. I could make him a cake completely missed, he would applaud the intent… “

Filled, the latter took the opportunity to unveil the secret of his happiness. “We are a happy couple, they lead a simple life. He shoots, I have mine. But I love it, it is super ! It should not be too much see, this is the secret, she continued to smile. We find our balance in the independence and mutual admiration. “It is his magic recipe.

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