Julia Paredes announces his separation with Paolo and explains why – Here

Two months after having formalized his relationship with a beautiful brown meets the sweet name of Paolo, Julia Paredes has just announced that she was again single.

Last September, under a photo of herself tucked against the torso of a beautiful dark-haired, very smiling on a dream beach, Julia Paredes formalized its new story of love on the social networks. “I’ve finally found one that gave me a smile “, wrote it under the shadow of it and the lovely Paolo. It must be said that the level of men, our poor Julia had not had too much luck lately. Plated by the father of her child before the birth of the latter in the beginning of the year, the former candidate of Marseille and les Ch tis VS the rest of The world had put too much trust in the male race. Paolo seemed to be the right one… until today !

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It is in a story Snapchat that Julia Paredes has announced that between her and Paolo, it was history. “For those who ask me : no, I am no longer with my boyfriend “, she said before giving some ideas concerning the reasons of his break. A priori, Paolo does his work not enough time : “I just think when it is said to love someone, it does not start for six months. We do not share the three-week holiday. I think everyone has his own priorities in his life […] It was surely not the same intentions. Luna [her daughter] and I, we didn’t need a guy like that. “NEXT !

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