Juicy ex-VIA GRA lit, ample Breasts: “Wow, impressive”

Сочная экс-ВИА ГРА засветила пышную грудь: «Ого, впечатляет»

The famous Ukrainian singer, former member of the popular musical group VIA GRA Hope Meyher-Granovskaya impressed the audience with a candid photo

New Studio shots of the singer showed in her Instagram she is smiling at the celebrity classic sheath in black, posing a singer whether in dance, or just flirting for the camera. Hope Meyher-Granovskaya signed post in English, loosely translated it sounds like:

“The light in my heart, in my soul, when you’re inside me, God.” Artist, but as always, emphasized her feminine figure and ample bosom in particular. Fans and netizens flocked like bees to honey for the post-star, people write what they Hope looks like she’s bold and just the standard of female beauty:

“Wow, impressive”

“So hot”


“Just Cool!”

“God, You’re gorgeous. The standard of beauty !!!”


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Сочная экс-ВИА ГРА засветила пышную грудь: «Ого, впечатляет» Сочная экс-ВИА ГРА засветила пышную грудь: «Ого, впечатляет»

We will remind, 37-year-old ex- “VIA Gra” Hope Meyher, which in April celebrated her birthday, has pleased its fans with a new photo. Bright photos Meyher often appear on her page in social network Instagram.

So, the photo that appeared on the page, Hope Meyher, she appeared on the overview of the audience in a bold way. For the release of the star wore a narrow black dress original style with lace elements, which emphasized the slender figure and ample Breasts of the actress. Over the dress Nadia threw a black-and-white jacket oversized. Her hair is gathered in a neat hairstyle, and the face of a light makeup. Meyher is in an unusual place, she put hands on hips and a radiant smile into the camera.

In the caption to the photo Nadezhda Meyher wrote: “#Trudolyubov #nadagdagan the #leading #nadia #singing”. Fans love the new photos on the page of Hope Meyher. Fans poured star compliments in the review for its image and audacity. Many also asked where Nadia went in this outfit.

We will remind, Nadezhda Meyher was too candid photos.

As reported Politeka, ex-soloist of VIA Gra showed herself without makeup.

Also Politeka wrote that Nadezhda Meyher is not shy to show what she looks like in real life.