Judge KHL Pavel Komarov found with a broken head at the airport of Moscow

In one of the Moscow airports found judge Continental hockey League (KHL) Pavel Komarov with a broken head.

As reported by the media, the Mosquitoes flew home to Nizhny Novgorod after the match in Riga. Flew, the famous hockey player and current referee of the KHL via Moscow.

At the airport “Sheremetyevo” during the transplant Pavel Komarov found the driver of the Shuttle after his plane took off. The referee was unconscious.

According to media reports, the tragic incident of Komarov took place on Friday. After the plane took off of a hockey player, around 16:30, the carrier who transported the passengers to the plane, began to conduct inspection of the interior of the Shuttle.

On the rear platform, he saw a man lying on the stomach and unconscious. His head was covered in blood.

It later emerged that the victim was the referee of the KHL Pavel Komarov. Fortunately, the athlete was alive, he was admitted to the hospital with a traumatic brain injury. Doctors assessed the condition of Pavel Komarov as heavy.

At the moment the causes and circumstances of the incident with a famous hockey player and NHL referee, Paul Komarov understand law enforcement officials.

About it journalists were reported by the press service of transport Management of the interior Ministry in the Central Federal district.

“Activities are currently being conducted to establish the causes of the incident and those involved in it”, – reads the message of militiamen.
In addition, the journalists of “Moskovskiy Komsomolets” was able to talk with the wife of hockey player Catherine. As stated by the woman, on Friday, the 43-year-old Komarov has returned from Riga, where took place the match between “Dynamo” (Riga) and “Avant-garde”. Flew to Moscow Paul along with his colleague, the referee Sergei Belyaev.

At 15:00, the plane landed at Moscow’s “Sheremetyevo”, and then Belyaev went to the city, and Mosquitoes have to wait for your flight to Nizhny Novgorod, which was supposed to depart at 16:30.

When the wife of the injured athlete noted that during this period, she called up a few times with Paul, and in his voice there was nothing suspicious.

“The last time Paul called at 16:10, said he already rides the bus to Board the plane. If he was with someone, I would I was told. We agreed that when he arrives, call me and I will come to meet him,” says the woman.
In addition, the woman said that after learning about the incident immediately flew to Moscow on the next flight. On arrival she was told that Komarov himself fell in the bus and hit his head.

Catherine doubted that her husband fell himself. The woman was surprised that the loss of her husband remarked after departure. And Paul always flies business class, and transfer there you’ll be, says the wife of a hockey player.

The doctors who installed the diagnosis of a Mosquito, said that judging by the nature of the injuries, we can say that the player hit with a blunt object on the head. And the usual drop in the bus is not likely.

However, how this could happen in a bus filled with passengers, remains a mystery.

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