JPMorgan analysts predicted the date of a new financial crisis

Analysts of the financial holding company JPMorgan Chase predict a new financial crisis in 2020. It is reported Bloomberg. The authors of the study, released on the tenth anniversary of the 2008 crisis, I believe that the consequences of a new crisis will be less painful.

Аналитики JPMorgan спрогнозировали дату нового финансового кризиса

Analysts remind that during the global crisis of 2007-2008, the value of the stock index S&P500 fell by 54% from peak values. During the crisis, which is projected to the collapse of the stock markets will not be as big as the value of assets in developing countries have dropped significantly.

At the same time, Marco Kolanovic, who oversees JPMorgan Chase global quantitative research macro-economic indicators and derivatives, warned that the next financial crisis could be very serious because of the risk of a Great “liquidity crisis”. The probability of a new crisis before the end of 2019 is low, however, trade conflicts, the U.S. and China can accelerate or delay its onset.

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