Journalists were told how Kolomoisky use its influence to settle old scores

Журналисты рассказали, как Коломойский использует свое влияние для сведения старых счетов

The oligarch Igor Kolomoisky controlled by the President of anti-corruption bodies — NABOO, RRT, SAP, NACP, launched a war against the offenders

This was reported in the article “Apostrophe” – “Time Kolomoisky: what breathes scandalous oligarch”.

His main enemy, according to the journalists, Kolomoisky said the former head of the national Bank Valeria Gontareva. The reason is the nationalization of “PrivatBank”, which stripped the oligarch of opportunities to hide income.

Journalists talked about how started the conflict between Kolomoiskiy and the NBU.

“The problems started when “PrivatBank” began to demand execution of the program of its capital increase. The first stage managed to finish after almost 2 years of continuous negotiations (persuasion). But the second stage – the transfer of loans from firms dummy for real companies and providing real-liens – made was not”, — stated in the material.

In December 2016, the shortage of capital of the Bank amounted to UAH 146 billion. According to the results of an independent investigation conducted by Kroll in the years 2006-2016 fraudulent acts of shareholders of the “PrivatBank” has led to a loss of $5.5 billion.

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Now Kolomoisky began to claim the moral satisfaction – to “PrivatBank” declared “normal” by the Bank and material amount of $ 2 billion. He also has promised to bring Gontareva in Ukraine, and announced its “leader of a counterrevolutionary conspiracy.”

Also the aim of the oligarch, the former head Dmitry NKREKU wolf with colleagues. They Kolomoisky after the introduction of the “Rotterdam+” lost 4 billion hryvnia. Then Ukraine got the market formula of a commodity index, which is used by all European countries. “Rotterdam+” does not affect the electricity tariffs for the population, but increased the costs of industrial enterprises, including Nikopol and Zaporizhia Ferroalloy plants Kolomoisky. Until 2016 they were provided with incentives from the state, in fact they partially paid the rates other industrial consumers.

Earlier Igor Kolomoisky said that over the next few years abroad will not go. Journalists linked this statement with the fact that he has got a serious impact because loyal to the government, and that U.S. law enforcement to him with questions.