Joke of the day: the cowboy who drank in the bar, stole a horse

Good idea!

Анекдот дня: у ковбоя, який випивав у барі, вкрали коня

Cowboy stopped at a small town on horseback. His throat is parched, so he tied his horse to a post and went to the bar to drink, informs Rus.Media.

He came in a few minutes, but someone already stole his horse. Residents wanted to see his reaction, so hiding in the corners, watched a cowboy.

He looked around and said loudly: “I’m going back to the bar to buy another drink, but if I don’t see your horse when I get back, I’ll have to do what I did in Texas a year ago after someone stole my horse. And believe me, I didn’t like what I did in Texas a year ago.”

After his sure thing, the man returned to the bar. People looked at each other in fear and returned the horse.

The cowboy finished his drink and left the bar, saddled the horse, but before he left, the bartender came to him and said, “Hey, man, you already got your horse back, but could you tell us what you did a year ago in Texas?”

The cowboy looked at him with an iron gaze and said, “I had to walk home!”

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