Joke of the day: husband accidentally freed the Genie from the lamp

And came up with the same!

Анекдот дня: чоловік випадково звільнив джина з лампи

One day a man wakes up on the river Bank, and finds himself near the lamp. He angrily rejects her, and after a few seconds crashes the Genie from the lamp. But Jin was angry, because my husband is so rude released him, informs Rus.Media.

Through the force, Jin said, “Although you hit me, I still need to fulfill your three wishes. However, due to the fact that you did, I will give twice what you wish the person you hate the most – your boss!”

The man agreed and said his first wish. “I want a lot of money,” he said. Instantly in his Bank account was $ 22 million, on account of its boss 44 million.

Second wish my husband had a pair of sports cars. Instantly a Ferrari and a Porsche appeared, but at the same time, in the yard of his boss appeared twice more cars.

Finally Jean said, “That’s your last wish, you have to think carefully”.

Then the man said, “I always wanted to donate a kidney…”

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