Joke of the day: brought the daughter of a Russian fiancé to his parents for the holidays

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Анекдот дня: привезла донька росіянина-нареченого до батьків на свята

Brings daughter in Western Ukraine, the groom’s parents from Russia, meet, Christmas, informs Rus.Media.

People having fun, celebrating, and son-in-law sitting-bored…

Mother-in-law son-in-law: “Well, what do you sumeesh? Go out to the guys in the neighboring yard, say Hello, drink a glass and the conversation will begin!

Son: “what do I tell them? They don’t understand me?!

Mother-in-law: “Take the bottle, a snack, will go and say, Christ is born!”

Son-in-law did so, time passes, teschya comes into the house, and the son-in-law sitting under the table, hiding.

Mother-in-law: “Son, what are you doing?

Son-in-law: “I Come to the guys who say “Christ was born” and they told me – “PRAISE HIM”, well, I just took off, and think to myself :”HELL I CATCH up!!!!!!!!!!”

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