Joint pain can cause dangerous infection: what you need to know everyone

Боль в суставах может вызвать опасная инфекция: о чем нужно знать каждому

Joint pain can be the result of infection and at the first symptoms you need to go to the doctor

Joint pain may be a manifestation of chlamydia. Chlamydial arthritis is widespread, but few associates joint inflammation in such diseases as chlamydia.

The first symptoms of the disease are quite nonspecific. Patients complain of General weakness, slight fever, feeling of heaviness in the joints, which are more pronounced in the evening. For a long time, patients associate these symptoms with weather factors.

Боль в суставах может вызвать опасная инфекция: о чем нужно знать каждому

However, over time symptoms become more pronounced. Patients reported the development of persistent joint pain that does not go away on their own. The intensity of symptoms can vary widely. Pain syndrome increases in the second half of the night and in the morning.

Joint mobility is limited. Determined by local hyperemia and increased local temperature. Patients reported that movement in the joints become inhibited. The use of ointments and gels has the desired effect.


In developing such symptoms should seek the help of a therapist. The doctor performs a detailed examination, and gathers medical history. However, additionally you may need to consult a infectious disease doctor and rheumatologist. It is very important when such symptoms to exclude systemic disease.

Additionally, you may need the following diagnostic methods:
• Radiography of the joints.
• Study of the synovial fluid.
• Arthrography.
• Laboratory tests for chlamydia.
• Computed tomography.

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With the development of chlamydial arthritis is the leading value is given to causal therapy. After the lab was confirmed chlamydia nature of the disease, is assigned a specific treatment. For chlamydia drugs of choice are antibiotics from the macrolides, quinolones and tetracyclines.

Боль в суставах может вызвать опасная инфекция: о чем нужно знать каждому

In the complex treatment can be included immunomodulators, and vitamins. It is important to note that chlamydia infection is difficult to treat, so the duration of antibacterial therapy should be not less than 3 weeks.

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