Jogging prolongs life of nine years

Бег продлевает жизнь на девять лет

Scientists named the most popular method of slowing the aging process extend life by 9 years

The best physical exercise to prolong life is a running, established scientific experts. According to recent studies, Jogging helps to increase the lifetime by as much as 9 years.

Every person would like to extend its life as long as possible, while maintaining health. The work of the scientific group under the guidance of Professor in physiology Larry Tucker showed that regular Jogging help to achieve this goal.

Бег продлевает жизнь на девять лет

“Running slows the cellular aging process, which positively affects the state of the body, which becomes better protected against diseases of aging, thus extending their life,” said the authors of the project.

Researchers analyzed the health of about 6 thousand volunteers, among whom were professional athletes and those who played sports in the Amateur format.

The analysis allowed to conclude that a sufficient level of physical activity and lack of bad habits help to increase the length of telomeres – the end parts of chromosomes, the value of which is correlated with life expectancy.

The largest telomeres, according to scientists, different subjects, which tended to enforce a healthy lifestyle in General, and ran track.

“Running is the best form of exercise that helps to extend the life. He may contribute to gain nine years of life! But such an increase provides Jogging about an hour a day for years, not a short time”, — said experts.

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Бег продлевает жизнь на девять лет

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