Jessy Marseille “become a bitch” according to her mother, who supported the production of the show – Here

The mother of Jessy is back on the participation of her daughter in the program of the Marseillais. If the see on the screen the fun at the start, the experience quickly turned into a nightmare.

This second season of the Marseille VS. the rest of The world is not the best that has lived Jessy. According to her mother Elise, it was even “the issue” too. Four months ago, it was through Facebook that it left burst its anger about the actions of the production of the Marseillais on W9 : “reality tv and W9 are only there to break up the couples […] to make the buzz. […] This is a jam of skulls “. Interviewed by 20 Minutes, Elise Boutin said all the evil she thought of the reality show on W9, she no longer recognized her daughter on television.

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After multiple calls to contact Jessy during the filming, the production has come to give way : “I ended up with a woman very unpleasant, haughty, who told me that if I continued to call or send messages, the production would bring a complaint against me,” she says. The mom depicts the same an unflattering picture of her offspring : “She had lost all respect even in relation to us, any value. My daughter became a bitch to the tv. It has been disastrous “.

This change of behavior, that is the production of the program and Elise imputes : “When she came out of the Marseillais, she hesitated because Valentine’s day was part of Friendstrip 4 (NRJ 12), she wanted to follow him where he went, does it. [The production] has learned, told him not to go there and that they would ensure that Valentine’s day incorporates the next filming of the Marseillais “. She continues : “I told him not to get caught up in the production, that she would end up with Kevin and Anthony [his ex]. They told him that they were going to improve its image. “Since then, the applicant has terminated his contract with the show.

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