Jennifer Lopez said when she gets married: “the wedding will be magnificent”

Дженнифер Лопес рассказала, когда выйдет замуж: "свадьба будет пышной"

Popular actress Jennifer Lopez said that waiting for marriage

Famous American singer Jennifer Lopez YouTube spoke about the upcoming wedding.

In the video, between concerts the singer was asked when she plans to marry. The woman replied that the ceremony will take place later next year. The pop diva said she wants a big wedding and this time is planning to hold a ceremony in the Church.

In addition, the star remembered that I had been married three times. First marriage to Lopez lasted 11 months. Her husband was a waiter Ojani Noa from Miami. With the second husband — gigolo, part-time, a backup dancer Chris Judd Jennifer lived for 11 months. In 2004 Lopez married American singer Marc Anthony. Together they spent 10 years, at them children were born.

Дженнифер Лопес рассказала, когда выйдет замуж: "свадьба будет пышной"

“It seems that in show business you’re always surrounded by people and you not alone, but it’s not. So you always want to find someone who will be with you for real. The first two times I felt that if I get married, I will have a man who will give me this feeling, but it’s a bad reason to marry. Need to find a person which every day will make you a better person,” shared the pop star.

Recall, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez met in 2005, and the novel spun only in 2017. As the pair admitted one of the editions — they have hardly managed to build a relationship if they started Dating 14 years ago.

Our first date was at a restaurant in Los Angeles. Both the conversation flagged.

“He was so talkative! I thought I would talk a lot, but I just listened. And he talked about plans, about retirement from baseball about how wanted to marry again, – about the things on the first date usually do not discuss,” – said Lopez.

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Дженнифер Лопес рассказала, когда выйдет замуж: "свадьба будет пышной"

Jennifer said that not seeing someone and then the baseball player took the initiative. The man went to the bathroom, where she wrote: “You’re so incredibly sexy”.

And then the fire alarm went off and stars had to evacuate.

Since then, the pair parted and attends social events together. In March, Alex made his beloved proposal.

Recall, the suit cracked on the fifth point: the popular singer disgraced the concert footage of embarrassment.

We also wrote that the daughter Jennifer Lopez stunned with your voice: “sharing the stage with mom.”

Even politeka reported that Jennifer Lopez trimmed the excess, spicy embarrassing to see all: photos leaked to the network.