Jenifer very criticized because of his pants in The Voice Kids – Here

On the canvas, the pants Jenifer worn during the prime of The Voice Kids was criticized by internet users.

On the mode, Jenifer knows a thing or two. The singer has never hidden his soft spot for shopping. Also, she has a wardrobe to rival more than one. But obviously, the star is not immune to a lack of taste. At least that is the view of the tweeters… In the last bonus ofthe Voice Kids,the artist wore a pair of trousers from the brand Balmain multi-coloured with a red top. Very seventies, the trousers in question has not been unanimous on the canvas. Without being asked, a good number of people are so improvised fashion critic for the night.

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This Saturday night, people have been rather harsh with this pants original. If the pattern gave her endless legs, Jenifer, however, was sure not to leave anyone indifferent. A successful wager ! Hints of carnival succeeded the comparisons with door curtains diy store : “It’s like being at the carnival with the pants Jenifer “, ” pants Jenifer, it burns the retina very severely “, ” what is this pants harlequin Jenifer ? “, ” Alert bad taste ! “, “No Jennifer, it is not because it is made by a great designer, and that it is expensive, it’s beautiful…” or ” Uh… Jennifer… no one understands or her outfits, or her choice. This is not simple, ” could be read among the many reactions on Twitter.

It is me or the tea is the color of the tapestry of Jenifer ? pic.twitter.com/cQ0eTuzfrL

— Guillaume  (@GuillaumeTPMP) September 16, 2017

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But regardless of the opinions of other internet users, Jenifer did that to make any remarks. The beautiful is sure of herself and takes up her outfits. And this is the class !

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