Jeff Welch: “the Best way to grow self-confident women is to teach them how to make their own decisions”

The father of three daughters expressed their opinion of their future chosen one.

Джефф Уелч: "Кращий спосіб виростити впевнених жінок - навчити їх приймати рішення самостійно"

Every loving father is hard to live that day, when the daughter starts Dating a guy. All the knights seem to him full of evil intentions towards his little girl, and before his eyes the picture POPs up, like some kind of muddy breaks her heart into a thousand tiny pieces, informs Rus.Media.

Of course, the desire to protect daughters is very natural, because the world is more dangerous for women than for men.

But first we need to respect the choices of their children so they themselves can make important decisions in your life.

The Pope and the poet Jeff Welch expressed it perfectly when he shared his view on this issue, one message identifying a new approach to the education of daughters. And here is what wrote the father of three daughters:

“I’m not raising a Princess”.

“You will have to learn how they see things. My girls don’t need a dad “with a shotgun” to scare away villains. They won’t even want to get acquainted with such.

Respect them, but if you don’t, they don’t need my help to put you on the spot.

Good luck to you, pumpkin”.

Message Welch became viral, and has received the support and admiration of many parents from around the world.

Welch says that the positive reaction to his post shows that stereotypical thinking is not peculiar to the current parents.

“I think that the stereotype of the father-the protector came out of this protective instinct, which any good father SHOULD treat their daughters,” he writes.

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“But daughters can perceive it as if they need the formal approval of all decisions they take”.

So dads, put aside your “shotguns”. Erase aggressive dark look and loosen handshake. The best way to grow self-confident women – to teach them how to make decisions for themselves.

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