Jeannois a wine with blackberry accents

nouveau-vin-fortifie-murmure-automneA nice little “drink” Summer is now available at the booth of the company Vergers de Velvet Saint-Henri-de-Taillon: fortified wine “Fall Whisper”, a blend of blackberry flavors, raspberry and apples .

Co-owner of the family business, Bianca Voyer says it is working on this project for a year. The process to achieve this required several steps. But the result enchants tasters, she said.

“It is a bright and shining product. We are the only licensed Cider Producer of the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean. The product has a 20% herb potatoes and its alcohol content is 12%, “she says.

This wine is made from blackberries and black raspberries, red and gold, as well as apples. These fruits are grown directly from the producer.

It complements a range of seven local alcohol Orchards Velvet, which put on display cherry, pear, Saskatoon berry, the camerise, plum, currant, currants and grapes.

“Our new wine has a new and fresh character. This is due to the use of blackberry, a small fruit which is unusual in our northern region, “adds Ms. Voyer.

The company Vergers Velvet has been in operation for 15 years in the Lac-Saint-Jean.

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